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This blog is mostly for my own sexual release, an expression of the things I desire but cannot immediately have... that being said, some stuff from my brain and my personal life will bubble up on occasion.

About me:
- 19
- Preppy... but somehow still pop punk.
- Awkward at times.
- Always up for a good conversation.
~ Sunday, December 25 ~

Made a Safe-For-Work Tumblr!

I’d love if all of my current followers hopped over and followed that one as well.

Read the description of this blog and that’s about right for the other one as well.


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~ Friday, December 16 ~

I’m a little curious about that hitachi wand and his inner thighs. Or something similar. 


I’m a little curious about that hitachi wand and his inner thighs. Or something similar. 

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~ Thursday, December 15 ~

I’ve come to the realization that this is a GPOY. Sucks, yeah. I guess what hurts most right now is that she actually defriended me on Facebook. Is that pathetic? I don’t think so. It gives off that vibe of “I never actually gave a shit about you, so I’m deleting you completely from my life at this point”. 

I’ve been depressed for days now after finding that out. I hate depressed-me and all the insecurities that go with it. Feels like I just need to get shitfaced or something.

~ Tuesday, December 13 ~

Slow motion, see me let go

we tend to die young

~ Friday, December 9 ~


Man Overboard ~ Blink 182

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This song, all day.

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I wish my life was a Blink 182 song.

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~ Thursday, November 24 ~

I’ve come to a realization. Read if you want to.

I’ve been incredibly tired for weeks now. Like, sleep for 12 hours or more and still feel absolutely dead the next day.

This is what I’ve just realized.

About a month or two ago, my ex girlfriend wrote me a letter outlining how we had grown apart, how we were different people than when we had met three years ago. She outlined all of the things she missed, all of the things I did that she hated, all of that sort of thing.

I’m not terribly surprised that we’ve grown to be different people. Last I heard, she’s experimenting with drugs. Once I got to University, I began to experience popularity for the first time since…ever, and it was a huge rush for me. I know I’m very different from when we had first started dating. She is too.

We couldn’t make it work out, we went through a year of push and pull trying to put everything back together — mind you, that’s through semesters apart from each other at school and summer break together — and then we broke it off.

The very first time I went to visit her, the sheer built up tension between us was too much and we both caved to temptation…which opened up a shit storm. More fighting, more trying to work things out. It didn’t work out.

Which brings us to the letter. It was my first (and the only necessary) realization that she really, sincerely, truly wanted nothing else to do with me.

I haven’t talked a single word to her since I read her letter and put it on my desk to gather dust. I haven’t deleted her from my life yet, either, but that’s more of the fact that I feel like she and I are too big of a part of my past to simply discard.

And hence, my realization: Love is an incredibly powerful thing. I was madly in love with her at one point; blindingly so. I’ve moved on from her - I have no problem or hesitation hooking up with random girls I meet - but even so, I’ve just realized that I’m so damn tired simply because there is not a factor of Love in my life. Sure, my family loves me, but it’s not the same. Love is insane. It’s not real. It’s not material or tangible. It’s just there, and it’s incredibly powerful. And I would suggest to those of you who will even get this far through this post (if anyone actually reads it) to wait until you are old enough to know who you are and know that you won’t change much to commit to it. Because Love is scary powerful.

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~ Tuesday, November 1 ~

Have fun trick or treating!!!!

Had I gone with her… definitely would have… but I handed out candy tonight.



Have fun trick or treating!!!!

Had I gone with her… definitely would have… but I handed out candy tonight.

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~ Wednesday, October 26 ~



Lily is a Great Dane that has been blind since a bizarre medical condition required that she have both eyes removed. For the last 5 years, Maddison, another Great Dane, has been her sight. The two are, of course, inseparable.

Stuff like this about dogs just kills me inside because it’s so like…sad but also heart warming.

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~ Monday, October 24 ~

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~ Thursday, October 20 ~
I came a little.

I came a little.

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